What Would Your Child Learn at a Performing Arts Academy?

You may wonder whether sending your child to a performing arts academy is in their best interest. Typically, a performing arts academy isn’t the type of school that you can simply enroll your child in unless it’s meant for very young kids. Usually, children will need to show minimally an aptitude for the performing arts when applying for admission; quite often, they will need to show a marked ability and talent for it. This means that before you and your child even embark on the application process, you need to understand exactly what your child would learn there.

1. Honing Their Talents

Typically, a child will try their hand at several different types of art at a performing arts academy. They will likely create visual art, experience dancing and stage acting, and learn music. Some children become extremely well-rounded, picking up a lot of skills during their time at school. Others focus on one particular craft, prioritizing it above all others. Either way, a performing arts academy gives children the ability to hone their skills and craft a unique artistic identity.

2. Collaboration and Connections

It can be difficult for naturally artistic people to learn how to collaborate with others, but it’s an important part of pursuing an artistic education. Most performing arts academies are private schools. Between 2011 and 2012, about 96% of all private schools were coeducational, with 2% enrolling girls only and 2% enrolling boys only. This means that children at performing arts academies work with kids from many different backgrounds. They learn to collaborate with each other and their teachers, making them more open to working with others in the future.

3. Academic Excellence

There is a perception amongst some parents that performing arts academies have lower standards regarding academics. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, performing arts academies teach kids how to excel academically while at the same time pursuing their dreams.

4. How to Succeed

A major benefit of attending a performing arts academy as a child is that these academies teach students how to realistically succeed as artists in adulthood. It can be difficult for artists to follow their dreams. Performing arts academies facilitate success on a personal and practical level.

Don’t dismiss performing arts academies; just know what you should expect from them both academically and socially for your child. To learn more, contact Conchita Espinosa Academy today.